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   Best news for all those who want to change their hair color radically, rather than just making it one or two shades lighter or darker. If you want to switch from blonde to brunette or vice versa, have your hair colored all over or in highlights, today we are offering the latest haircare product used in combination with hair coloring of any complexity. Eslabondexx is a Swiss product which is added to chemical service mixture, preventing damage to hair before it can even start.


   How it works:

   Eslabondexx proteins create new bonds while protecting the existing internal structure and deliver added strength. The anti-aging complex helps to extend the effect. Hazelnut and watermelon seed oils deliver the necessary elements to hair, while vitamins Е, Н, В, and РР enhance softness and elasticity, and give shine.

   The hair which is safely protected by Eslabondexx looks stunning after any chemical service, be it

  • coloring,
  • lightening,
  • toning,
  • bleaching, or
  • keratin straightening.

   Eslabondexx does not affect the duration of the above treatments or the end color result.

   The main advantages of using Eslabondexx in hair colouring: it

  • prevents damage from chemical treatment even after a dramatic change in color;
  • protects the internal structure;
  • extends the coloring effect, the color lasts longer;
  • enhances elasticity, strength, softness, and shine; and
  • makes hair easy to comb after blow-drying.

   And, most importantly, Eslabondexx is our gift for all our clients. It will be added on to coloring absolutely free of charge. We want the hair color of your dreams to stay, without any sacrifices from you, and we want your hair to remain sumptuous no matter how drastically the color is changed.

   As always, a simple solution hides sophisticated technology. The following information is intended for those who are interested in the Eslabondexx mechanism in detail. 

   The process utilises the Nio-protect Technology.

   The active ingredients of ESLABONDEXX™ penetrate into the hair thanks to the encapsulated niosomes. This innovative delivery system allows a deep product penetration into the hair cortex, guaranteeing the desired results.

   Soybean isoflavones provide added nourishment improving hair condition.

   N-acetyl-L-cysteine makes the bonds and protects the hair.

   Phytoceramide which is recovered from rice, creates a protecting shield around the hair strain.

   Apart from the natural active ingredients, Eslabondexx contains an amino acid complex that adds moisture and strength; it preserves the moisture of the hair and repairs the damaged parts.

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   This offer is best suited for all those who want to relieve back pain after a fitness session or just relax after a hard working day, and, in general, for those who cannot spare more than 30 minutes for a massage. 

   Our new service, 3-in-1 massage, brings about 3 most desired effects: therapeutic, accupressure, and warming up. And half an hour later you will get that sensation of lightness and relaxation which usually motivates us to get professional massage.


   Therapeutic effect is achieved through modern massage techniques and the use of STYX professional cosmetics from Austria. The Styx cosmetics is based on goat milk and other natural and biologically pure ingredients; it is recognised by top world massage therapists as a standard of quality. STYX has an anti-inflammatory effect for muscle sprains and/or “overchilled” back or neck muscles, it soothes sensitive skin, alleviates skin and muscle inflammation, and has an immunostimulating effect.

   Acupressure: the effect is reached through pressure applied to specific points which trigger painful responses. The applied pressure alleviates pain - and you are completely mobile again.

   And, finally, the warming-up effect. Our massage therapists work through a hot towel covering the client’s back. Apart from the muscles warm-up required for the massage, it helps the client to relax and feel lightness in body and mind.

   3-in-1 massage price: 2,750 Rbls. Online booking is recommended. At your services: our professional massage therapists, Petr Kytsenko and Sergei Nagin, whose hands have been highly appreciated by the World Class Capital City clients and by those who live and work in the Moskva-City district.

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   Our 7th LOOK BOOK DAY - the day when we create the look book of stylish hairdresses and images for both women and men, took place on October 26. Apart from “looks for life” - the hallmark of our brand, this time we have also created an experimental Neo-punk look. Another new feature: a father-and-son uniform look.


   Alexandra Mantsurova, Ekaterina Geller and Karina Shubina took part in creating this edition of our LOOKBOOK. 

   The photo sequence is traditional and simple:

  • the model BEFORE the session with our specialist
  • during the process
  • the model AFTER the session with our specialist.

   All those willing to become models for our stylists’ creative ideas can write to us at

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No More Split Ends With HG Polishen Hair Polishing

   Our hair stylists will remove up to 100% of split ends on any length of hair with the special HG Polishen trimmer nozzle. The perfect solution for those who want to keep the hair long and get rid of all the split ends. The session will last 10 to 15 minutes only, with the effect lasting up to 6 months. Results are visible immediately.

   In addition to polishing, the price of 5,500 Rbls includes haircut & blowdry.


   It is worth noting that in 2015 HG Polishen nozzle completely altered the approach to split hair treatment. Millions of people around the world have already recognised the full worth of that seemingly unsophisticated device; indeed, a plastic end of a trimmer is hardly likely to remove split ends throughout the hair in 15 minutes. And that’s the whole point: the device is not much to look at, but it works perfectly well.

   And, as with any tool, it is the skill of the specialist using the tool that becomes an important component of a high quality result. Our hair stylists are well known for their professionalism, and for that reason we can guarantee the result. You will be able to see the difference after the first polishing session, with 99% of the split ends gone and the hair incredibly soft and glossy.

   How does it work? A trimmer topped with a unique nozzle will snip away all the brittle, split and fray ends, without changing the length of the hair. The specialist will slide it through the hair, strand by strand, several times until all the split ends disappear.

   Watch this video to learn more about HG Polishen nozzle and see the end result:

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   On September 28 we produced the 6th edition of our LOOK BOOK, which is a special event when our specialists use nothing more besides their vision and taste to create fresh looks for the models. And the models who are ordinary people rather than modeling agency regulars, have trust in our stylists, since we are creating beautiful looks for life rather than for glossy magazines or the catwalk.  


   The following stylists have contributed to the 6th LOOK BOOK: Tatyana Moroz, Alexandra Mantsurova, Olesya Shport, Ahmet Gunes, Karina Shubina, and Anastasia Kern with her skilful art of hair braiding.

   The photo sequence is traditional and simple:

  • the model BEFORE the session with our specialist
  • during the process
  • the model AFTER the session with our specialist.

   All those willing to become models for our stylists’ creative ideas can write to us at

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